Finding a counselor and deciding to begin therapy can be a journey.  Whatever your struggle may be right now, it can become a gateway to healing. Whether you suffer from depression, anxiety, relationship distress, illness, grief, trauma or abuse; you can find calm in the storm, meaning in your symptoms, and return to wholeness. Turning pain into possibility.

Life can be full of challenges and crossroads. Sometimes our familiar ways of coping no longer serve us. I assist my clients in exploring new ways to navigate life. Your personal self-discovery process -- how you can best integrate mind, body and soul -- is what I value and support. Therapy can address neglect and abuse that occurred during childhood as well as difficult situations, relationship issues and traumatic life events. Our resilience can grow and our capacity to live fully can be restored.  With proper support, biological and emotional systems will naturally return to balance. It would be an honor to help you on this journey.

Helene Belanger

"I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become", Carl Jung

Please note: For those concerned or exposed to Coronavirus, Telehealth services are available.