About Me

Master's Degree in Counseling from Idaho State University, 2006
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the State of Idaho, 2012
EMDR Certified, 2018
Advanced training in Emotion Focused Therapy for Couples, 2020
Training in Emotion Focused for Individual, Fall 2021
Member of ICEEFT 

My Approach

I use an integrative approach to counseling influenced by my trainings and interests in Emotions Focused Therapy, EMDR and mindfulness.  In my sessions, we explore what motivates our behaviors, thoughts and emotions. Clients learn to become vulnerable with themselves and their loved ones..  This exploration and increase vulnerability is in service of creating satisfying relationships with others and with oneself.

"We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us."
~ Joseph Campbell 

My work with couples is informed by the work of Sue Johnson and her development of a modality of therapy called Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy.  Using the notion of transforming emotion with emotion, the EFT therapist guides each partner to expressing emotions that pull for compassion and connection. EFT promotes soothing and helps clients deal with unstated and therefore unmet attachment needs.   For more information, please visit the EFT website.  

"Our greatest joy and our greatest pain comes in our relationships with others.”
Stephen R. Covey

My Style
My understanding as a therapist is informed by my training and clinical experience, but also grounded by a long-held commitment to my own psychological work and development.  I provide a safe and compassionate presence to explore personal issues. I believe that each individual has their own path, their own challenges and their own way to heal.  Productive therapy is not without hard work. I walk with my client as well as act as a motivator through these difficult periods. I believe in the serious work to be done but also engage in humor where appropriate to nurture a balanced human relationship.

Inspirational Talks 
Tara Brach, psychologist, and meditation teacher has made available talks pertaining to the coronavirus crisis.